The Platinum Diaries: Rocket League

Rocket League

Developers: Psyonix

Publishers: Psyonix

Game type: Sports

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One (coming soon)


I’d like to apologize for the major delay on the platinum article for this game. Truthfully, I got this platinum about a month after it was released for free for PlayStation Plus members and every time I went to write this, I started playing the game instead. But, since I have the time now, I figured I should try and get this done before I eventually crack to go play this.
Since this is the first Platinum Diaries article on the site, I figure I should introduce how this works. Anytime any of the writers get a platinum for a game on their PS4, they’ll start to write an article on the game. The article will start out with a quick overview of the game, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses and giving the game a final verdict. Then, we switch to the platinum side of things to talk about how easy the platinum was, approximately how long it took, and what the hardest trophy was to get. It’ll be fun, I swear.


Moving right into things, this was a Game of the Year contender for me for 2015. There was only one game that I have played more often than this one, and that is my actual game of the year published in the article from earlier this week. Colten, Thomas and I spent a lot of time goofing around at this game and have developed a lethal team on 3v3.


For those who don’t know, Rocket League is a super-car soccer game, pitting teams against each other in five minute matches. Whoever scores the most points wins. The game is great for all players, as it is easy to play, but can be mastered by better players. There are several offline gameplay options, such as exhibitions, a season mode, and training. But the bread and butter for this game, and what it owes its popularity to, is its online gameplay. Here, you are on a team of one, two, three, or four people playing the game against another team. You can start a party and play with your friends or make new ones through the matchmaking system. There is also a ranked system where you can test your Rocket League skills among the best of the best.


Before I get to the very few weaknesses this game has, go buy it. “But Kyle, I don’t know how much I’ll like it.” No. You’ll love it. Trust me. This game is so addicting you will forget what other games are. When you need a break from a more difficult game, this game will help you clear your mind. It’s a fun, fast paced multiplayer alternative from all of the first person shooters that exist out there. Those flood the market with the same generic multiplayer gameplay. This game also separates itself from other sports games on the market because it’s not paying licensing to a major sports league. It is a made up game, which allows the developers to do whatever they want within the game that they created. It could become an e-sport in the next few years depending on how its popularity shifts, but I think it is around to stay.


One of the flaws I have noticed in this game is the matchmaking system. Maybe I’m better than what my rank says, but I’ve played matches against players who are many levels higher than I am and I absolutely crush them. It would be different if they were isolated incidents among many ass-whoopings, but I consistently beat players with higher ranks. Rather than just ranking people based solely on their rank in the game, maybe include a few other factors, like style of play or win-loss streaks.


Another flaw is the lack of diversity in gameplay. It’s a game that if you play by yourself offline, you’ll be sick of it after a short time. You HAVE to play online or offline with friends for it to be consistently fun. Otherwise it’s very repetitive.


Moving on to the platinum, I will say that this platinum is easy, but you have to play a lot to get it. I believe I put in approximately 20-30 hours to get this. But since the games are only 5 minutes long, that tells you something about how many games you have to play. The hardest trophy for me to unlock was “Stocked”. This trophy requires you to collect all of the items in the game. This sounds easy to an outsider, but you only unlock one item per game played. Aside from the items that are unlocked to start out the game, there are 165 unlockable items. That’s a lot of games.


Aside from “Stocked”, another trophy that seems to take people a long time to unlock is “Far, Far Away…” which requires players to drive a total of 500km. This can be done easily by tying rubber bands to the gas and AFKing, but that’s not how I play games. I earned this trophy rather quickly into my purchase, so I didn’t have any problems with it.


So that’s it. Among the Laconic Mnemonic team, Colten and I both platinumed this game. But, let the record show that I did it months before him.


Next time on The Platinum Diaries, I’ll dive into my second platinum, which was Telltale’s Game of Thrones.


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