Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: A Review

If you are anything like me, you do not enjoy the regurgitated first person shooter (FPS) that comes out every year. Sure, perhaps you play it because of friends and whatnot, but you know better than to waste your money on popular FPS’s. However, I do enjoy shooting people every now and again (not literally of course), so I picked up Rainbow Six Siege the day it came out and I have not once been disappointed. Not only is it a fantastic game, it is also very far from the other popular (and overdone) FPS’s.

The biggest reason I enjoy Rainbow Six Siege is because it is not a “run ‘n gun” style game, it is a tactical and slower-paced FPS. To be good at this game and to achieve a ranked status, you must learn to play your character and proceed to the objective in a smart and tactical way. Some people choose to be a lone wolf, while others team up and strategize their attack. Either way, almost nobody runs straight towards the objective guns blazing.

Another cool thing about the game is the character you are allowed to play. They are broken down into two groups, attackers and defenders, and they do just that. Each character has their own special ability. Some of my favorite attackers are Sledge, who gets a sledge hammer that can easy breach through wooden or concrete walls, Blitz, who gets a riot shield with a flash bang ability attached to it, and Glaz, who is the sniper of the current playable characters. For the defending side, I enjoy playing Smoke, who gets toxic smoke bombs, Tachanka, who gets a mountable turret, and Pulse, who can detect enemies through walls at a short distance using his heartbeat sensor. Another cool thing about the characters is that no single character is over powered. Out of all of the matches I’ve played, each character is a good choice in some way.

One thing many people forget about this game is that it is objective based. For example, a “hostage” game mode means that the attackers try to rescue the hostage while the defenders try to defend the hostage from being taken. If you kill the enemy team, (which is normally what happens) you win. However, I have grabbed the hostage, jumped out the window, and taken the hostage to a secure location before half of the enemy team was dead, resulting in a victory. I enjoy a game that allows you to fight the other team while having to pay attention to the overall objective. If you focus too much on one or the other, you will surely lose.

The mechanics of this game are nearly flawless. The environment can be destroyed for the most part, so shooting through wood or blowing a whole in the floor to find enemies is the basement is a big part of the game. I really enjoy how this game allows you to use the walls as a tactical advantage. Being able to shoot through walls doesn’t seem like an awesome feature, but trust me, once you play the game you will understand.

As with every game, there are a few minor bugs. The one I encounter the most is a bug that keeps me from moving. Don’t worry, it’s not as terrifying as it sounds; all you have to do is prone and then stand back up and you’re good. This bug is an easy fix, but still, it is a little annoying. The only major bug I have come across is an enemy player running right through a reinforced wall. This bug IS as terrifying as it sounds because you will inevitably die if this happens to you. This has only happened to me once and most likely has been fixed in the last two updates that have happened.

Another bummer to the game is the occasional “I’m going to be funny and kill my teammates” kids that play. There is friendly fire in this game and if ol’ John the prestige master of COD wants to troll and be THAT guy, he can ruin a round for your team. With the new update that has come out, players who do that (or just sit idle and decide to go cook or something) get kicked. The new update has improved the game a little bit, but the team-killing thing is still rather annoying.

Overall, this has been my favorite FPS in a long time. The mechanics are great, the character system is well thought out and fair, and the need for teamwork makes this game a fun and exciting experience. Anyone who wants to challenge themselves along with some friends needs to give this game a try. I promise, you will not be disappointed.



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