Firewatch Review

Developer: Campo Santo

Genre: “Walking Simulator”

Available for: PS4, Windows, Linux, Mac

Released February 9th, 2016


Well, this game was disappointing.

Let’s start with the positives. This game has a phenomenal story (up to a point) and the voice acting is some of the best I’ve heard. The visuals are good for the size of the team that worked on the game. Above all else, the concept of the game is refreshing. It’s not just another FPS or open world game. It’s a story driven, exploration game.


The ending seems as if it was intended to be a much longer game, and the developers ran out of money before they could do what they wanted. Without spoiling anything, all of the build-up led to a whole lot of nothing.

The visuals were good, but compare them to games that I’ve played lately (Witcher, Bloodborne, Far Cry) and they pale in comparison.

The game is currently a farm for bugs. I was unable to go more than ten steps without a minor hitch. Fortunately, it didn’t hard crash at all for me, but I know that some people have had problems with that.

Overall, my biggest complaint is how tedious it is. It gives you an objective halfway across the map, and then once you get there, it gives you another objective past where you first were. Especially at the end, you had to hike from the very bottom of the map to past where your map ends. As someone who was already pissed off about the way the story progressed and not being able to do a certain thing, I nearly rage quit and fired up another game.

My final grade for this game landed at 6 out of 10. Up until the ending, it was an 8 out of 10 with the only complaint being the bugs. But, due to the most disappointing ending I’ve ever encountered in video games and the tedious task of traveling through the entire map at the end, I knocked it down a full two points. It felt like they were trying to extend the time of the game so that people weren’t disappointed with its length (roughly 5 hours), but it just agitated me more.

Firewatch is priced at $20 on the PlayStation store. That’s overpriced in my eyes. If you still want to play this game after this review, whether it’s to see if I was telling the truth or to get the 5 trophies associated with it, I would wait until it is vastly discounted (or potentially free with PSN membership).

I wanted to give this game a good review. I really, really did. But, all things considered, it didn’t live up to the hype I had built up, and unless Campo Santo develops a game too good to pass on, I’m scared away from them in the future.

This review is short, but so is the game. And like the ending in the game, my ending will make no sense compared to the rest of the article. Live long and prosper.


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