What is a Blog?

Upon being offered a chance to put my thoughts onto digital paper, I happily rejoiced and accepted this new adventure. However, I soon fell into a state of disarray and confusion. You see, I routinely find myself perplexed about the use of language (and many other things that will not be touched upon here). While words like “socialism”, “terrorism”, and “trump”(?) take the spotlight, I have focused my efforts on “blog”. I figured, if I am going to participate in one, then I should understand what I’m dipping my toes into (maybe I’ll want to dive in head first?). “Blog” incites decrepit mental images of teenage yester-years, but I still cannot make sense of it. First, am I the only one who chokes every seventh time saying it? Perhaps I should lay off the danky dank. [Editors Note: ….what?]¬†Furthermore, what the hell does it even mean? A quick google search informs me that it is “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”.

My pulse races as I realize, finally, that this definition is not helpful and that I still have no idea what “blog” means. Simple, you say? Not so fast my fellow oxygen-consuming ¬†neo-neanderthal! It seems that many things not considered to be “blogs” would be classified as such under this definition (i.e., Facebook, click-bait articles, and online works of fiction, etc.). We could re-classify all these things as “blogs”, but I doubt we will come to do so.

So, I ask of you, my comrade, to entertain more precise definitions of “blog” and to let me know what you come up with. A few ideas are revolving throughout my mind, but reality frightens me, so I shall remain entrenched in solitude (oh, how comfy it is!). C’mon you evolved biological brutes, offer me innovative ways of comprehending this odd term. It seems that all of my cave dwelling has left me ignorant.

If you wish to contact Logan about what a “blog” means to you, or want whatever he was on when he wrote this, you can reach him at logangreenrr52@gmail.com or by commenting below.¬†


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