Featured Artist: Krimson Ice

After a few months of working out schedules and questions, I finally was able to get an interview with Krimson Ice and make them the first ever featured artist on Laconic Mnemonic. The group consists of Alex Kelly and Gina Blair, who are from Chicago and Rock Island respectively.

Before I get into the interview, I want to tell you a story. I was working at a Best Buy in the Geek Squad department. At night, when it’s closing time, we often hooked up our phone to stereo equipment we had at our work station and would listen to music. One night, during my turn to control the music, I put on a new artist. For the rest of the night, employees and some customers came up to me and asked who the group I was playing was. That group was Krimson Ice. I’m not a huge listener of EDM music, but I know good stuff when I hear it, and Krimson Ice is good.

One last thing before the interview, Krimson Ice has an album that you can buy! It is available here to download, and costs only $7. You can also follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook, and also listen to more of their music on SoundCloud.

When/how did you guys meet and why did you start your group?

Alex: We met after talking for months on Twitter about our love for Krewella (whom I personally have known for a few years). I met Kris in high school at a band party at this guy’s house in the suburbs near Chicago where I live and that’s when I met Jahan. I later met Yasmine at a show… it’s a long story, but, they went on to establish Krewella and I supported the Krew’s real early stuff back in 2008-2009 in high school, making promo CD’s for friends, attending their shows when there were like 20 people there and whatnot… but anyways Gina and I met at a Chicago Krew show at the Aragon Ballroom a few years back and we talked about DJing together one day, and we just made it happen, and this is where we stand today

Gina: Alex and I first met on Twitter actually back in 2013. The whole ‘Don’t talk to strangers on the internet’ thing was totally thrown out the window for us *shrugs*. There was like this huge fan base thing for Krewella, where every fan knew like every other fan. It was cool. But we started talking and realized we had the same dream, so decided to make a group. The first time we met was at the Chicago show in November on my 18th birthday, so that was pretty awesome.

Who are your main influences?

Alex: Personally, I can say my main influences stem from Depeche Mode to Deadmau5, and from TJR to producers such as W&W and Blasterjaxx. I love house, and Krimson Ice would be considered an all-around electro group, stemming from electro to progressive house, to Melbourne Bounce to Big Room, even some hardstyle too!

Gina: A lot of my influences are actually from some of my favorite bands, such as PVRIS, Tonight Alive, Paramore, We Are The In Crowd, etc. All of them are female fronted bands and I think it’s always cool to see women in the music industry able to give such strong messages through music and have so many people look up to them as role models, DJs or not. I hope one day I’m able to have such a powerful, positive influence on someone like these people do for me. As far as Krimson Ice goes, we have wayyyy too many influences to name. We love errrbody.

What is your dream venue?

Alex: Aragon Ballroom in my hometown of Chicago, as well as Red Rocks in Colorado and Lollapalooza (Chicago’s biggest and most popular festival! I’ve been going every year since 2005!)

Gina: I don’t really have a dream venue, but I think it would be cool to be able to play EDC Las Vegas or Tomorrowland someday. I think Alex and I can both agree that any show we get, no matter where it’s at, is a blessing to us.

Why should someone who says “I don’t like EDM” give you a chance?

Alex: We’re fun, we make great music, we have a fast-bumping beat selection… we just love music and hope that people would love our music too!

Gina: I remember the first show we played was in front a bunch of people I graduated with and I was petrified that they wouldn’t like what we had to play. Yet, I had a lot of people coming up to us and telling us it was the best thing they’ve ever been to. Going to our shows, we like to keep everyone on their feet and to just have fun, because that’s what all of our shows are about.

Take us inside the song writing process.

Alex: Inspiration is key. Sampling is also key. It’s just coming up with ideas, having lots of free time, and being able to manage real life with making music. It’s not easy, you have to be in the mood to write songs. It’s a long process… editing and making the perfect cuts and beats and the layering is insane. I haven’t been in the “mood” to make music as of late, but with the summer coming, I definitely want to start working on more material real soon!

Gina: I still consider myself a newbie to producing so anything I have I send to Alex and he’s the one who makes the magic. Usually, I will sit at my piano and make up some random melody and think, “Alright, that sounds okay. Let’s see what I can do with this”. I have a bunch of unfinished projects, however, that I hope to get done when I have more free time.

Sum up your group in five words.

Alex: Energy, passion, family, drive, ambition.

Gina: Dude, I’m bad at these. [Editors Note: Me too, fam.]

Looking to the future, what do you wish to accomplish with your music and in society?

Alex: I’d like to start developing a bigger fan base in Chicago and be more active in the local scene and build our way up to the top. It’s a long process, nothing comes easy in the music industry. We just want to have fun and be successful and inspirational doing so!

Gina: What I wish for our biggest accomplishment is to become successful. I don’t care about being the most well-known DJs or getting paid INSANE amounts of money, I just want our dreams to come true. I want to be able to deliver music to people that makes them feel as good as music does to me. Same with our shows.

What do you have to say to young aspiring musicians?

Alex: Keep at it, pursue your passion and if you have ANY inkling that you want to quit and give up…. don’t… because SOMEONE out there will listen and SOMEONE out there WILL give you the time of the day. You just have to work hard. If you work with someone like I work with Gina, I know how to communicate and always be there for her, both with music and in a personal sense. Keeping a friendly bond is always great… and don’t be ashamed of your work. Keep pushing and it’ll work out eventually.

Gina: Don’t ever give up! No matter how much people try to bring you down and make your dreams seem impossible, just keep going. JUST, DO IT *Shia LaBeouf voice*.


So there you have it, folks. Go listen to their stuff, and if you like it, be sure to share with your friends and family!



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