The “Lesser Evil” sickness

Now that Hilllary Clinton has officially secured her appointment as the nominee for the Ass of the Corporate Class, “liberals” (I use quotation marks, because they do not understand the authoritarian nature of their ideology or that they are essentially “moderate republicans”, as Noam Chomsky has pointed out) are out in full force demanding that not voting, by either straight-up abstention or support of a third-party candidate, for her is a vote for Trump. And who wants an overtly racist, xenophobic, misogynist, and fanatical person as president, right? Welcome to the Theory of Lesser Evilism!

First, I would like to clarify two things. One, not voting or voting for a third-party candidate is not necessarily a vote for the bafoon that represents the Trunk of the Corporate Class. In states that are historically won by Democrats, one can steer clear of ballet boxes or with Hillary’s name on them without fear of contributing to electing a Republican. Second, in practice, Hillary stands for everything that Trump says he does. It remains to be seen what the corporate-class clown will do if elected (something that I deeply fear and oppose), but Killary has a long record of atrocities. I need not cover them in depth here, as others have done so spectacularly, but I shall mention them briefly. Her list of devious deeds include, but are not limited to: sitting on the board of Wal-Mart, participating in and endorsing Bill Clinton’s barbaric policies, such as the racist mass incarceration complex; corporatist “free trade” arrangements (NAFTA and WTO); illegal and immoral sanctions on Iraq; dispassionate dismantling of modest welfare policies, overthrow of the Honduran government and other imperial actions as Secretary of State, and last, but not least, support for the worst atrocity since the American invasion of Vietnam: the murderous and barbaric destruction of Iraq under the arch-criminal Bush administration. All of this is discoverable via the Internet and scholarly work.

There is only two possible responses, it seems, from the “liberal” who continues to support Hillary after being confronted with her savage record. Either the “liberal” continues to support Hillary, because she is still a better alternative than Trump or because of the fact that she is a woman. As for the former, it is hard to maintain this position when one sees Hillary for what she is: a neoliberal war monger, who will happily do the bidding of her corporate allies and masters. In terms of economic policy, there is little-to-zero difference between the two corporate parties. Plus, Hillary is about as close to being a neoconservative as possible, without actually being one (and doubtless is it that many would argue that she in fact is one). Her rhetoric is just as much bullshit as that of Obama’s. Understand the system and its history and you’ll quickly realize that populist rhetoric is nothing but public relations propaganda!

Now, if one is a minority, then voting for Hillary  may literally be life-saving. It remains to be seen if the clown’s racist programs would be passed, but people’s lives, families, and traditions hang in the balance. As part of the scapegoating for the neoliberal  (actually, capitalist) agenda, these people could be forcefully removed, banned, or even killed (by racist and fascist forces). The stakes are high and voting against such violence is a logical choice for a likely victim.

As for the second reason why “liberals” still support Hillary after knowing the destruction that she has caused: it is complete and utter nonsensical garbage. Identity politics exists in order to destroy the potential for any kind of class-based movement, something that would truly scare the economic/political elites (just see how violently Occupy protesters were beaten down). “But, but, she’s a woman and she’ll understand how to help enrich the lives of women across the country, better than any man ever could!” I don’t doubt that a majority of men have zero understanding that they live in a patriarchal society, but Hillary is not going to help women, unless they happen to uber-rich, that is. Her promotion of her husband’s dismantlement of welfare made life for single, middle and lower class mothers increasingly difficult. By taking a look at what Obama’s time in office has done for African Americans, we can probably predict what Hillary would do for women. Right now, more people live in poverty than the average of the presidency of the “free-market” champion, Ronald Reagan ( Included in this level of poverty is a disproportionate number of African Americans (just search “number of african americans living in poverty”). Maybe “class” has something to do with how the world’s institutions function?…

Lastly, if you’re “with her”, shouldn’t you be with all women? Women, such as the late, brave environmental hero, Berta Caceres? Her country, Honduras, was overthrown with the help of Hillary. What about the women mutilated by the theocratic and merciless Saudi regime, whom Hillary proudly applauds and aids? Or the women murdered by the terrorist state Israel, which Hillary devotionally supports? Or the female refugees that are a part of the global war “on” (more like, “of”) terror (Obama’s drone program and other imperialistic measures that she played a role in) and continuing destruction of the biosphere (that is caused by private institutions that Hillary takes money from and returns to via governmental power)? If you support Hillary  because she is a female, then you do not support the lives of millions of innocent women that have been subjected to the cruelty and depravity of the Holy Empire of Capital!

There is only one credible reason for voting for Hillary Clinton. The overtly racist clown that represents the Trunk of the Corporate Class has threatened the lives of ethnic and religious minorities. Their lives are quite literally at stake and they have the utmost reason to prevent a Republican presidency. With that said, Hillary is no less (in fact, probably more) of a war hawk and corporatist than Trump. Therefore, the “Lesser Evil”ism Sickness is largely discredited, even if it was a coherent idea in the first place. Hillary will gleefully continue the Holy Empire of Capital. As for the identity politics’ notion that Hillary should be elected because she is a women, is nonsense. A Hillary presidency will only worsen the lives of women, if you happen not to be a part of the “masters of mankind” (as Adam Smith called them in Wealth of Nations), the 1%.



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