Dispatch from a radical on the Women’s March

A few quick notes from a radical’s perspective of yesterday’s Women’s March:

1. Liberals are not and will not be able to fight against fascists. Antifa offered to march with protestors to protect them and they were photographed and harassed into leaving. They think *anti*-fascists are the ones disturbing the peace and that violence is “never the answer”.

2. Liberals consume propaganda like no other. The sheer number of Putin-Trump master-to-puppet or love relationship posters was astounding. Fuck Trump, but also fuck the CIA (who without doubt is recording this) and FBI; they are not your friends.

3. Liberals will maintain a disturbed perversion of the Obama presidency. There were many shirt vendors, shirts, and posters depicting a desire to have Obama back as president. This of course demonstrates their ignorance of what Obama was responsible for during his reign.

4. Liberals aren’t even progressive; they’re just centrist. Of course this is true historically, but it was really on display with pink hats equating being a woman with having female genitalia and their persistent bootlicking of the cops and military personnel at the event.

5. Liberals really are clueless about capitalism. They protest property damage in a system that equates your value with how much property you possess. When liberals chanted “tax the rich”, it was followed by someone chanting “eat the rich” to which they just blindly stared and stayed mute.

Can some liberals be radicalized? Yes, but how many is not clear.

To all protesters of the next four years and beyond, but especially to my radical comrades: stay safe and disrupt this neo-fascist, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, and neoliberal extremist administration!


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