A Dance With Geopolitics

George RR Martin often comments on politics on his own time. Could his books also have political references to today’s world?

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The “Lesser Evil” sickness

Now that Hilllary Clinton has officially secured her appointment as the nominee for the Ass of the Corporate Class, “liberals” (I use quotation marks, because they do not understand the authoritarian nature of their ideology or that they are essentially “moderate republicans”, as Noam Chomsky has pointed out) are out in full force demanding that […]

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A love of horror

To me, horror movies are a part of human culture. How can they not be? It’s a genre of ever growing audiences, and it’s a great canvas for originality. Sure, originality is a difficult word to comprehend but trends and fads come and go, and the thing that never dissipates is the horror. Do you remember […]

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